Gates and doors open thirty minutes prior to school opening for students who are not in the before school program (7:15 am for 7th & 8th and 7:45 am for TK-6th).  Students and parents are not to enter the campus prior to that unless they have business in the main office (7:30 am) or for security reasons.


Students may be picked up in the car line on Brightwood Ave.  H1 pick up placards with your child’s name and their teacher’s name will be provided to you by the school.  A placard must be displayed on your dashboard in order to pick your child up in the car line. No pedestrian access is allowed in the car line and staff parking lot.  Parking and walk-in pick up entry are on 5th Ave ONLY.

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Pick Up Directions 2.JPG
Pick Up Directions 1.JPG

Please abide by all traffic rules and the directions of all school staff and Parent Safety Patrol members.  Violations of the above-stated traffic procedures may result in a suspension of the privilege to use the loading zone for drop off and pick up of your child and/or banning from campus as deemed appropriate by the Principal.