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Below are some important links and resources to help you stay on course and connected while you attend Hawking STEAM Charter School 1!
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Hawking 1 STEAM Charter School takes the issues of bullying and harassment very seriously. Recent research suggests that young people who are bullied, may not always tell adults, as they may be afraid or ashamed. This may result in a student being victimized for a prolonged period of time before it is discovered and carries the potential for serious short, medium and long-term side effects.

In order for Hawking to carry out its duty of providing all students with a safe environment in which to learn, grow and develop – we seek to enlist the support and cooperation of all parents in the school community. In addition to the standard preventative measures endorsed and practiced by schools across the world, Hawking is committed to working in a proactive manner with parents.

As School Principal, I am committed to preventing and addressing bullying at our school. At Hawking, we want our school to be a safe place for all our students. Throughout our campus, you will notice that we have put up posters and bulletin boards that emphasize bullying recognition and reporting, as well as focusing on being kind to others. This month, we will be implementing a campus-wide Anti-Bullying campaign. All grades, TK-8th,  will be a part of an Anti-Bullying assembly, as well as, a community circle discussion with myself. A school-wide Choose Kindness Week will also be held at the end of this month with activities to promote the respect of others and random acts of kindness. During our morning assemblies, I will be speaking with students and making it clear that harassment and bullying will not be tolerated at our school.

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