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Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Arrival and Dismissal

While we have both arrival and dismissal through the staff parking lot on Brightwood Avenue, please do not double park or block our neighbors’ driveways.  In order to avoid the congregation of students at dismissal, our school will be implementing a Silent Dismissal system (, which will allow students to be dismissed directly from their classroom. After the first day of school, your child will receive 2 placards that must be used so cars can move forward efficiently. Please note the flow of traffic during dismissal and our Traffic Rules. 

Walking drop-off will now take place through the main gate on 5th Ave instead of through the parking lot.  You must park and walk your students to the walker line along the fence (shown below). Stopping in the street to drop off is not allowed. Please note, there is not a crossing guard on 5th Ave. If you park across the street, use the signal light at 5th Ave & E Street to cross the street. Parents should wait with their students in line until the gate is opened. While in line please make sure you and your students are wearing masks and observing distancing to other families.

At this time there have been no changes to car line drop off or pick up. Walking pick-up changes are being considered but will continue to take place in the parking lot for the time being.

All of us at H1 are committed to providing a safe environment for our students and would appreciate your understanding and cooperation in abiding to our traffic regulations.

  1. Obey all traffic personnel.

  2. NO handheld devices while driving.

  3. ONLY Hawking appointed pickup cards will be valid. For the safety of the students no hand printed cards will be accepted.

  4. Parents without a pick-up card will be asked to park and show identification at the front desk.

  5. You MUST stay in your car when waiting in the drop-off and pick-up lines.

REMINDER: As adults, we should model appropriate behavior for our children.